Masterclass Finance and Management.

This Four- day Masterclass is designed to extend the core theory introduced in the Principles of
Finance by emphasizing its practical application to strategic financial decisions and potential
problems giving way on understanding of the practical ability to use the key business financial
skills to improve business decision making.

Completion of this Course attendees will be awarded with a Certificate of Participation.

Course Overview

  •  Interpreting business finance concepts and financial statements
  •  Drafting balance sheets.
  •  How to apply and interpret techniques for assessing and comparing
    investment opportunities in capital projects, business acquisitions and other ventures.
  •  Cash flow Management.
  •  Financial Excel modeling and Performance Measures.
  •  Key Financial Controls (Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Weighted Average Cost of
  •  Understand Effective Internal Control Oversight over Financial Reporting.
  •  Financial management budgeting and Auditing as part of the planning
    and Performing process.
  •  Identifying and Implementing Risk Environment and its dimensions.

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