Access International Business studies (AIBS) is an international recognized leadership and business transformation training Center.

AIBS is based and registered as a legal entity in Nairobi, Kenya.

We are an international leadership and business intelligence company that provides your organization with Corporate Learning and Development solutions at a regional and Global level.

AIBS International is also an accredited service training provider by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA/TRN/2270).

we offer professional and personalized solutions to all our clients Across the world i.e. (Non-Certification / Certification Courses) Conferences/ Virtual / Physical / E learning and Group Trainings.

Our team is completely dedicated to ensuring that our events are accomplished in an exemplary manner in order to meet (if not exceed) your expectations

  • Trainings
    Trainings Offerred
    • Leadership & Mgmnt
      Leadership & Management Trainings
      • Governance
        Board, Directors & Governance Training
        • Women In Leadership
          Women In Leadership Trainings
          • Emotional Intelligence
            EQ Trainings
            • Coaching & Evaluation
              Coaching, Mentoring & Evaluation Trainings
    • Finance
      Finance Trainings
      • Pension
        Pension Trainings
        • Audit
          Audit Trainings
          • Risk Management
            Risk Management Trainings
            • Budgets - Financial Reports
              Budgets & Financial Reports Trainings
              • Credit Risk Management
                Credit Risk Management Trainings
                • Business Administration
                  Business Administration Trainings
    • Human Resource
      Human Resource Trainings
      • Performance /Mgmnt
        Performance & Management Trainings
        • Learning & Development
          Learning & Development Trainings
          • Metrics & Data Analysis
            Metrics & Data Analysis Trainings
            • Change Management
              Change Management Trainings
              • Talent Practitioner
                Talent Practitioner Trainings
                • Project Management
                  Project Management Trainings
    • Public Relations
      Public Relations Trainings
      • Public Relations
        Public Relations Trainings
        • Communication Skills
          Communication Skills Trainings
    • Sales & Marketing
      Sales & Marketing Trainings
      • Digital Marketing
        Digital Marketing Trainings
        • Marketing Management
          Marketing Management Trainings
          • Brand Manager & Adverts
            Brand Management & Advertising
            • Sales Force Management
              Sales Force Management Trainings
              • Strategic Marketing
                Strategic Marketing Training
                • Product / Mrkt Localization
                  Product / Marketing Localization Trainings
                  • Global Marketing Mgmt
                    Global Marketing Management


  • Trainings
    Trainings Offerred
    • Information and Technical Skills
      IT Trainings
      • Cyber Security
        Cyber Security Trainings
        • Programming Skills
          Programming Skills Trainings
          • Microsoft Excel
            Microsoft Excel Trainings
    • Health & Safety
      Health & Safety Trainings
    • Executive Assistance
      Executive Assistance Trainings
      • Customer Service
        Customer Service Trainings
        • Office Management
          Office Management Trainings
          • Administration & Protocols
            Administration & Protocols Trainings
            • Record Keeping
              Record Keeping Trainings
    • Internal Networking
      Internal Networking Trainings
      • Team Building
        Team Building
    • Supply Chain Management
      Supply Chain Management Trainings
      • Procurement Management
        Procurement Management Trainings
        • Labour Laws
          Labour Laws Trainings